"Preach the Gospel. Use words if necessary."
- St. Francis

What is mission?

"Mission" is the word we use to describe the ways we're loving people in word and action. We believe that God loves each and every person fully and freely, and that we have been freed by Christ to serve our neighbors.

We are always seeking to advocate for our neighbors and respond to current needs in our community. 

Accompaniment Ministries

"Accompaniment" is a way of understanding ministry that emphasizes walking alongside our ministry partners. We believe that ministry is mutual, equal, just, and interdependent. We use the word "accompaniment" to describe how we walk alongside immigrant and refugee communities in our community. This area of our mission is lived out in the following places:

Jazz & Music Ministry

Our jazz ministries create a strong community of friends and artists. We believe music, creativity, and community are essential to human flourishing.

Every Saturday from 2-4, we host the Nashville Jazz Jam, a free music event. Every second Sunday, we host Jazz Vespers in our sanctuary. On months with five Sundays, the fifth Sunday features jazz music.

Our choir is led by Ted, our church musician, and sings from a great variety of genres.

Do you have a musical gift you wish to share? Get in touch!

Community Gardens

At Christ Lutheran Church, we host the Growing Together Project. Growing Together gives refugees and immigrants from agricultural backgrounds the ability to make a living wage from their skilled labor of growing food. On the eight acres of our property, they grow thousands of pounds of organic produce for the whole city.

We are also in the process of creating a larger community garden program for members of our various partner congregations. Check out our newsletter and Facebook for more information on this emerging project!

Partner Churches & Organizations

We practice hospitality as a form of spirituality, including hosting a number of ecumenical partners. Our partner churches represent the ethnic, linguistic, and national diversity of South Nashville. Together, we pray for one another and mutually care for one another's ministries.

Our sister churches include:

Our partner organizations include: